JW Pippen

J.W. Pippen – Just Another Pretty Fish


Oct 23rd 2014 – Dec 2nd 2014

Artists Reception Thurs Sept 23rd 7-10pm

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JW Pippen Artist

J.W. Pippen’s colorful, lush adaptation of traditional themes in Zen-tinged Japanese art (koi, bamboo) established him as skilled, thoughtful and possessed of a genuinely curious sensibility.  Now he has shifted gears and turned in a radically different direction that has revealed new dimensions in his work, suggesting his artistic journey is an adventure of endless invention that is only just getting underway.

“Though the route was clear and fast I stopped the shiny roadster; took a shadowed walk through an opening in the trees. In the clearing was a collection of rusty parts in a familiar field.

Simple brush strokes and determined lines planted only what seemed necessary. The sky was white paper; open. The parts took shape and respired.”