AR Vortex

Everywhere But Nowhere: AR Vortex

A virtual public artwork by John Craig Freeman
Los Angeles, CA, May 6th–20th, 2017

Produced for exhibition on behalf of District Gallery, at the intersection of East 3rd Street, Traction Avenue and Rose Street in Los Angeles during the Everywhere But Nowhere pop-up exhibition at 701 E 3rd Street, opening May 6th, 2017. Everywhere But Nowhere: AR Vortex, acts as an access point where the public can immerse themselves in augmented reality experiences.

Not long after its founding in Paris in 1957, the Situationist International developed the idea of the dérive, a kind of open passage walk, or drift. Participants were encouraged to ignore the normal traffic flows and circulations of planed urban developments and instead, moved through a city in a way that followed its moods. The goal was to track the cities emotions, the feeling and atmosphere of a place, to find what they called the plateau tourné, a vortex where forces come together to create strong atmosphere.

To view the augmented reality work on location at the intersection of E 3rd Street, Traction Avenue and Rose Street, and throughout the Los Angeles Arts District, with any late model iPhone, iPad or Android, install the free Layar augmented reality app, Next, search Geo Layers for ‘District Gallery’, click this link, or scan the QR code within the Layar app.

District Gallery is a project of Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Space.

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