Ankrom and Moon

Richard Ankrom & Suzi Moon

December 5th 2013 – January 19th, 2014

Artists Reception Thurs Dec 5th 7-10pm

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Richard Ankrom and Suzi Moon

In 2001, Los Angeles-based artist Richard Ankrom became notorious when he disguised himself as a Caltrans worker and installed a highway sign. Ankrom scaled an overhang on the 110 Freeway near the 3rd Street onramp and – without permission – installed a directional North sign and an Interstate 5 shield to indicate the 5 North Interchange two miles ahead. Caltrans had never put in any signage for the interchange and the spot was legendarily confusing to motorists. Intrigued, newspapers and media outlets pounced on the story and Ankrom entered the annals of local art history with his act of Guerilla Public Service. His other work is wide ranging — including neon weaponry, translucent polymer axes and surprisingly delicate paintings documenting the graffitied walls of the LA River that demonstrate a profoundly curious mind and remarkable technical wizardry.

Suzi Moon is perhaps most well known for her portraits of LA art scene nightlife that are at once subtly satirical and deeply affectionate. Her work also ranges eclectically from participatory cartoon paper cutouts to the transformation of ordinary objects into post-modern kitsch and luminous evocative cloudscapes viewed from airliners that are effective and powerful color studies, strangely uneasy in their tilted perspectives. Her newest works, vibrantly colorful and strangely still suburban landscapes, are remarkable and subtle narratives of the brightly lit yet vacuous Southern California ‘burbs.